How to install applications

If you want to install an application on your phone, please make sure the .apk file of the application is available because only the .apk file can be installed on Android phones. Copy the APK file from the computer to your phone, open【Files】, find the APK file and click it to install. You can also install by directly using a third-party application.
Note: Installing and using the applications from unknown sources might cause damage to your phone or result in personal data loss or disclosure.

How to uninstall applications

You can uninstall the apps installed on your phone using either of the following methods:
(1) Select “Settings"---"Apps" on the home screen to find those apps you want to uninstall, click uninstall or use the third-party tool to uninstall them.
(2) Find the application icon on the home screen, press and hold it to show the icon “Rubbish bin” at the top of the screen, drag the icon into the rubbish bin to remove (uninstall)the application.
Note: Some apps preinstalled in the phone cannot be removed(uninstalled).

Apps crash

(1)Ensure the App is compatible with your phone.
(2)Try to clear the cache data of the App or re-install the App.
(3)Try to update your phone to the latest software version.


How to save the battery power and extend the standby time

(1) If you do not use cellular data, please turn off network connection.
(2) Avoid using the dynamic desktop.
(3) Dim your screen and shorten the screen timeout.
(4) Close the unused applications to save power and release the phone memory to increase the running speed of applications.
(5) Clear the memory cache of your phone periodically.

Phone's standby time is short

A Smartphone has very powerful functions. When you open network connection, your phone always interacts with the network and consumes the battery power. This would shorten the standby time of your phone. The standby time is also affected by the conditions of network signals. As the signals are weak, your phone needs to consume more power to search for signals. In addition, the power consumption will also be affected by the size and type of the screen.


Reciver/MIC has low volume

It might result in low volume if the receiver and transmitter holes are blocked by dust, so please try cleaning with a soft dry brush. If the volume is still very low, please contact the service center.

Echo during a call

Please press the volume +/- key to adjust the volume to a proper level during a call,or move to a place with better signals and try again.

Call quality is poor

(1) Make sure your phone can receive signals normally. If there are no signals or signals is poor in the location, please move your phone to another area with stonger signal and try again.
(2) Please adjust the volume to a proper level during a call.
(3) If the problem still exists, please contact the service center.


Can't open camera

(1)Reboot your phone,and try again.
(2)Please contact the service center.

Camera cannot focus

(1)Please make sure the camera cover is clean.
(2)Please try to adjust the focus distance,ensure not too close to the object.
(3)Please contact the service center.


SIM/UIM card issue

Inspect and handle as below:
(1) Check if the SIM/UIM card is properly inserted.
(2) Check if the SIM/UIM card is damaged or not. It is recommended to replace a SIM/UIM card and test again.
(3) Check if the phone’s network mode has been set correctly.

Weak signal/no network

(1)Please make sure the singal is good in your location.
(2)Move to a different location and try.


How to check the system and software version

Open “Settings"---"About” from the home screen to view the relevant information of your phone.

How to restore the phone to factory settings

Select"Settings"---"System"---"Advanced"---"Reset options"---"Factory reset" from the home screen and click “Reset phone”. It takes approximately 3 minutes to reset the phone, and the phone shall automatically reboot after resetting. If the screen remains on a Logo image for a long period of time and does not respond, please wait patiently because it normally takes more time to power on for the first time.
(1) Please wait patiently since it normally takes more time to power on for the first time after restoring to factory settings;
(2) Restoring to factory settings will clear the phone settings and personal data saved in the phone, including accounts, SMS, MMS, call logs, contacts & photos. Please backup your personal data in advance.

Phone becomes hot after being used for some time?

When it’s used to play large games or videos for a long period of time, your phone might become hot due to the power consumption arising from high-speed operation of its CPU. Please do not worry about your phone because this is normal in most cases.

Phone does not power on after it is not used for some time

If the phone battery is under deep discharge status (the phone automatically powers off because the battery is exhausted), or the phone cannot be powered on after it has been not used for some time, please check if the phone can be powered on after the battery has been charged for 30 minutes. If there is still any problem, please contact the service center.

Screen freezes up or the phone reboots

(1) Please check if you have opened too many applications on your phone. You can try to close these applications.
(2) Screen freezing might be caused by any third-party application. Please exclude the cause of any third-party application.
(3) It is recommended to restore your phone to factory settings. Select “Settings"---"System"---"Advanced"---"Reset options"---"Factory reset” on the home screen.
(4) It is recommended to upgrade the software for the phone.
Reminder: Please back up your personal data in advance,including SMS, MMS, call logs, contacts & photos because restoring to factory settings or software upgrade might clear the user data saved in your phone.

Can't power off the phone / System freezes up

Press & hold the【Power】key for 12 seconds, and the phone will automatically reboot.

How to update the phone to the latest software version?

(1)Open "Settings"---"System"---"Advanced"---"System Update",you can check if there are any new update.
(2) Copy the update file into the phone through computer, click the three dots located upright corner. Choose"Local Update" and choose the update file.

Touch Screen/Display

Touch screen not working

As you charge the phone, put it on the table flatly or take it out of your pocket, the phone’s touch screen might not work suddenly. This is because there is electrostatic interference on the surface of the screen. Please try pressing the【Power】key to turn off the screen and then turn it on again. In addition, the dust on the touch screen might also result in the failure of touch screen, so please keep the surface of the touch screen clean.

Touch screen respond slow / Touch screen not behave normally

(1) The phone’s touch screen might respond slowly as the phone runs a lot of applications in the background. In this case, you need close some applications.
(2) Enter the dialing interface and enter *#406# to calibrate your screen.

Display turn off during phone call and the screen cannot be turned on again

The phone has proximity sensor function. The screen automatically turns off as the phone approaches your body after connected.
(1) A dirty surface of proximity sensor or poor protection film might cause misjudgement of the sensor. Please peel off the protection film on the touch screen and keep the screen surface clean.
(2) Enter *#777# and *#776# from the dialing interface and recalibrate the proximity sensor.
1) Enter *#777# from the dialing interface, click Start calibrating to recalibrate the proximity sensor (no shelter or protection film, and the surface must be clean)
2) When enter *#7776# from the dialing interface to calibrate the proximity sensor, you need shelter the sensor interface with your hands (keep your hands 3-3.5cm away from the proximity sensor), and then click Start calibrating until the calibration ends.
NOTE: If there is a prompt “Poor signals” during the calibration process, please move to a place where there is better light, and then calibrate again.


Set up the mobile network access point

(1)Open“Settings---Network & Internet--Mobile network----Advanced--Access Point Names (APN)” on the home screen.
(2)Enter the parameters of APN and click “OK”.
(3)If you want to restore default settings, click 【Reset default settings】.
(4)If you need create a APN, click【Create APN】and enter the correct parameters.

Use your phone as a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

(1) Turn on Mobile Data.
(2) Select “Settings---Network & Internet--Hotspot & tethering--Wifi Hotspot"on the home screen and turn on【Portable Wi-Fi hotspot】. If you want to change the network SSID and protect the connection security, please select【Hotspot name】. After settings, your phone will start to broadcast the network SSID to other devices. If you want to stop tethering the network, please turn off【Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot】.

Unable to connect bluetooth devices

If you are unable to find or connect to other devices via Bluetooth, please perform the following operations:
(1) Make sure that you’ve turn on the Bluetooth function of both devices and enter the correct pin.
(2) Make sure that you’ve enabled Bluetooth devices on the connected devices.
(3) Make sure that the distance between both devices is within 10m and there is no wall or other obstacle.
(4) Try turning off the Bluetooth function of both devices and reconnect.
(5) Reboot your phone and try again.
(6) Cancel the paired device and try to reconnect.
Note: Make sure that the Bluetooth standard used by the connected device is compatible with your phone. Please refer to the User Manual of your phone for more information.